American Red Cross: How to prepare for an earthquake

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Aftershocks continue after a 6.4 earthquake hit Thursday morning near Ridgecrest.

Cindy Huge, Public Information Officer for the American Red Cross Central California Region, joined 17 News at Sunrise with more on how to be “red Cross Ready” for natural disasters.

When an earthquake hits, stay calm.

If you are indoors, stay indoors and if you are outside, stay outside.

If you are indoors, stand against a wall near the center of the building, stand in a doorway, or crawl under heavy furniture such as a desk or table. Stay away from windows and outside doors. Avoid using an elevator.

Be cautious of broken glass from objects that may have fallen during the earthquake.

If you are outside, stay away from power line or anything that might fall.

If you are in a car, stop the car and stay inside until the earthquake stops.

Huge emphasized, to not use matches, candles, or any flame. A broken gas line and fire do not mix.

Have an emergency kit ready. Be prepared to have water, food, a blanket, and a charger for your phone.

For more information from the American Red Cross, visit here.

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