BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — One year ago, twin mysteries struck Central California, altering the lives of two families forever.

A 22-year-old college student who left his phone, wallet, and car behind, and two young boys reported missing from their adoptive parents’ backyard. Neither has been found.

A racquetball national champion and engineering student at U.C. Santa Cruz, Dane Elkins seemingly abandoned his car with a flat tire just north of Santa Clarita.

“I miss him, obviously, very much,” Dane’s brother Cody said. “I miss all his life lessons he taught me. He was a great brother; I hope to see him soon, it’s been a really long time. Hope he’s doing alright, wherever he is, and I love him.”

He had been recently experiencing mental distress, according to his mother.

“He’s a wonderful brother, he’s a wonderful son,” Deborah Elkins said. “He is just suffering from unfortunately what many people suffer from, mental illness.”

Elkins has reportedly been spotted in Oakdale, Mojave and the Kern River Valley.

Meanwhile, the search continues for Orrin and Orson West.

{Keisha Stevenson / Friend of Biological Family}

“I don’t feel like they’re deceased,” friend of the boys’ biological family Keisha Stevenson said. “I feel like somebody has them, and they might not be in California.”

Orrin, 4, and Orson, 3, were reported missing by their adoptive parents, who say they vanished from the family’s backyard. The mission to find the two has been long, and so far, has turned up more questions than answers.

Anyone with information on the boys or their disappearance is asked to call the Kern Secret Witness hotline at 661-322-4040.