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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A local man returns a lost wallet with everything inside, an act of kindness that has gone viral.

Jose Gonzalez says he lost his wallet following a car accident in Northwest Bakersfield Monday.

Gonzalez says Monday after leaving the gym he was rear-ended while driving southbound on Coffee Road and pulled into the nearest gas station to exchange information with the other driver.

While they were exchanging information, Gonzalez says he put his wallet on the trunk of his car and drove off, but forgot to grab it.

He said he realized his wallet was missing after going to Starbucks with his daughters and couldn’t pay for their drinks.

“We return home, turn the car inside out, look everywhere, no wallet,” said Gonzalez.

Later, when he was setting up his daughters’ Girl Scout cookies stand in front of their home, a stranger stopped by asking if his name was Jose and if he had lost his wallet.

The stranger told him his cousin Adolfo Alvarez found the wallet. Alvarez spotted it on the side of the road near the Westside Parkway and picked it up. Gonzalez got in contact with Alvarez so they could meet.

“Rare do you see that kind of action […] Somebody goes out of their way to take the time to find somebody and return what belongs to them,” said Gonzalez.

Alvarez refused to accept any type of reward for returning the wallet, telling Gonzalez he has been in his shoes.

Gonzalez says he was thankful and appreciated what Alvarez did.

“So I took a picture and I was just joking around I said, ‘Hey I’m gonna make you famous.’ So I did. I just posted it,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez posted on social media about Alvarez’s act of kindness along with their selfie and it went viral getting over 1,600 shares on Facebook.

“Hopefully not only the social media but this story will encourage others to do the right thing. It’s about character … what are you going to do when nobody’s watching?” said Gonzalez.

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