New developments tonight in two high profile missing persons cases that could be connected. Months have gone by since family has heard from or seen from Micah Holsonbake or Baylee Despot. We’ve heard the two cases could be linked-and court documents explain why.

21-year-old Baylee Despot and 35-year-old Micah Holsonbake went missing about a month apart. Micah disappeared at the end of March, Baylee at the end of April. Family and friends say this isn’t like them.

They’ve each missed their birthday and family holidays and family says there’s no trace of either. Investigators and family confirm they knew each other, and ran in the same social circle. Leading their loved ones to question if it really can be coincidence that they’re both gone.

Newly filed court documents expand on this theory, listing some people Micah and Baylee may have had in common. They also say it’s possible Baylee and Micah may have been involved in the manufacturing of illegal firearms and knew other people possibly involved in making and selling illegal guns. The documents are clear that the info is hear-say, but none the less it’s an avenue they need to explore.

If you have any information on the disappearance of Baylee despot call KCSO at 861-3110. If you know anything about Micah  Holsonbake’s disappearance, call 327-7111. To remain anonymous, call Secret Witness hotline at 322-4040.