She’s setting out to prove to her community that you can be a dedicated mother while chasing your dreams. 

“I rediscovered my passion after having my baby.  With encouragement from friends and family I decided to pursue it furthermore,” said Maria Lopez. 

Although nervous at first she decided to join the Culinary Arts Program at Bakersfield College.

“Don’t let your fears stop you.  Everyone has fears.  However, it can be done with hard work, dedication and determination, anything is possible,” Lopez said. 

A full time student and full time mother, it seems hard enough as it is, but then Lopez also decided to start her own company. 

“Nothing comes for free.  If it is your dream, you have to work you know three times as hard and it’s possible,” Lopez said. 

Her business is called Baking Encanto.

“Encanto means to me just like a delight, a pleasure,” Lopez said. 

She runs the bakery out of her kitchen which allows her to be home with her baby. 

“He’s on my hip and I’m frosting cupcakes,” Lopez said. 

Now life isn’t always a sweet as the cookies she makes.

“Being a wife and having kids, you know some people think oh no it’s too much.  What if I fail?  I had that everyday in my head, no, no, no, but you can do it.  You just have to work hard because there are days and nights that I don’t sleep because I have to bake, but truly it’s worth it,” Lopez said. 

Lopez is set to graduate from Bakersfield College next spring.