BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A $1 billion claim has been made against the County of Kern after the Sheriff’s Office raided a local marijuana field in Arvin.

Ten million marijuana plants were seized by law enforcement, according to Kern County Sheriff’s Office. Eleven fields across nearly 460 acres were destroyed. 

Hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants but only marijuana have enough THC to get users high. The federal limit of THC for industrial hemp is 0.3%. Any plant containing a higher percentage is considered marijuana. 

While hemp cultivation is legal throughout the county, marijuana production, sale and processing is illegal. 

Officials say these plants tested well over the legal limit, meaning it could not be considered hemp. Apothio LLC, the company who filed the claim, says otherwise. 

The $1 billion claim is the first formal step before filing a lawsuit. The county has 45 days to respond.