BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The 99 Cent Only Stores are offering turkeys at a great price on Wednesday, Nov. 15.

Officials say a whole frozen turkey will be available for 99 cents on Nov. 15 to the first 50 customers.

There are eight 99 Cent Only Stores in Kern County. One shopper was delighted to hear about the discount. “It feels great that I’m here and I’m awake and I’m alive! Thank God! I’m thankful that 99 cent store is giving away turkeys for 99 cents to the first 50 people,” said the customer. “Got the arm wrist(band). Thank God for that! so yeah, I’m here!”

According to the 99 Cent Only Store’s website, they also offer all the Thanksgiving sides for those looking to save this Thanksgiving holiday.

To find the closest 99 Cent Only Store near you, click here.