BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A local 91-year-old man has stumbled upon a new talent in the last few years after his wife passed away.

Darrell Young comes from a family of artists. His mother was an artist, and his daughter became a recognized painter. But he and his wife were always busy running two businesses. It wasn’t until recently that his artistic talents emerged.

He didn’t draw much… besides blueprints in his life as an engineer.

It wasn’t until losing his wife of 67 years, Joyce– that he picked up this new talent.

“I called and I asked, ‘what did you do today?’… and he said that he did art. I asked if it was an art class, he said no– that he just drew on a notepad with a bunch of sharpies,” Kathy Beck, Darrell’s daughter, said.

What started out with Sharpies, turned into large drawings with professional art supplies.

A talent that was never before tapped into.

His wife Joyce stayed busy too, as she had a nationwide business selling bonnets.

Joyce passed a few years ago.

“My wife… she and I were buddies. We liked each other, we enjoyed each other… she and I were buddies,” Young said.

He has since tried to fill the void of losing Joyce with drawing.

…and going through books of references in a short amount of time.

Being the humble man that Darrell is, he doesn’t quite understand how much his talents bring to the table.

“I’m not doing it for anybody else, I’m doing it for myself, and that’s what I’ve been doing, is enjoying myself,” Young explained.