BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Empty kennels are a good thing at the Kern County Mega Adoption event because for some of the dogs, being adopted is a matter of life or death.

Meet Lucy Anderson with the Mutt Militia. She fights for the underdogs. “These guys are the breeds and the dogs that are most in peril at our local shelters,” said Anderson.

Anderson says young, black, bully breeds, like pit bulls and shepherds, are the most neglected dogs at shelters. But, people like Anderson hope to change that. “Fosters are what saves the lives of dogs like this,” said Anderson.

Every dog at every shelter has a story. Some are happy stories like the magnificent, white husky named, Thor. Vanessa Revelas, Jose, Juliessa, and even Princess are taking Thor home. “We’re just gonna give him a lot of love, and introduce him to our house and make him feel comfortable, and treats,” said Revelas.

But, not every dog is so lucky. Especially, Brooks the Doberman Pincer. Anderson says, “His skin was on fire. He had the worst case of demodex mange that I’ve seen in quite a while, but his spirit and his soul was just willing to fight.”

Brooks meets all the criteria for doom. He’s black, he’s a bully breed, he’s an adolescent dog, and he was on the brink of death until he met the Mutt Militia. Anderson says, “We took him back to our rescue ranch, and we saw the vet. We’ve had multiple skin scrapings. He gets medicated baths quite a bit, and he’s really turned a corner.”

Brooks needs a home, and so does Edgar. He’s a 15-year-old Pomeranian cuddle bear that was abandoned by his family when he got too old. He’s available for adoption through Marley’s Mutts.

It’s not just dogs that need a home. Cats and even reptiles like snakes, and turtles need love too.

The Mega Adoption event at Stramler Park is over, but the need for rescue is great at a shelter near you. You can save a life, and make yours better at the same time.

Fore more information about adopting a pet and saving a life, click here.