BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — An architect and a nurse practitioner left their careers behind to become business owners. To make the story even stranger, they did it during a time of uncertainty: the pandemic. 

“I’ve always wanted to become a doctor since I can remember, but it’s a really great satisfaction for me to know that I can really do anything,” 502 Coffee Company Co-Owner Nancy Aguirre said.

Nancy and Marco Aguirre had promising careers in their homeland of Guatemala. Nancy, being a nurse practitioner, and Marco, being an architect.

But they embarked on a mission to share a piece of their Guatemalan culture through their love of coffee. 

They started through coffee stands, and recently were able to earn enough money to open up their own shop- truly a story of living the American dream.

“We always wanted to have something of our own, even though we had our previous careers. And obviously during COVID when we were all, you know, in our home, we started brainstorming to see what could maybe be something for the future. And once everything got lifted, we were like, okay, now it’s the opportunity to make this that’s on paper of reality.”

Marco said, “It’s not the same to be an architect and then try to build something different. But in my personal opinion, you just have to go with life.”

A life that they’ve created to share a different style of coffee with Kern County.

Creating a space where those who are coffee lovers and those interested in having a piece of home in their backyard can come together over a cup of coffee. 

“I mean, in my country, coffee it’s something cultural. And when we decide when we start like thinking about something new, we think about something that could represent my culture and my country,” Marco explained.

You can find 502 Coffee Company’s shop in the Haberfelde Building Downtown which has grown into a hub where others can go for a taste of home and comfort.

Starting with the roots of being an architect and and a nurse practitioner, Nancy and Marco Aguirre have not only built something from the ground up but have taken care of those around them: creating an overall full circle moment in their careers.