44 new flagpoles for patriotic holidays unveiled at Bakersfield National Cemetery

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The Bakersfield National Cemetery unveiled its recent installation of more than 40 flagpoles after a decade of working on this improvement.

It’s been 12 years since the launch of the project and today you can see the beautiful flags attached to the flagpoles throughout the Bakersfield National Cemetery.

Forty-four flagpoles were installed in the cemetery leading towards the area where the five military branch insignia pillars stand watching over the property.

“The flagpoles go up as a reminder of this patriotic display of one of the important things we think of how important it is to teach our children of the role veterans play, the freedoms we enjoy today and where we got today in our country,” Dick Taylor the president of the Bakersfield National Cemetery Support Committee said.

The flagpoles can be seen in most areas across the cemetery. Now being able to see them so widely was an unexpected but yet positive addition.

“It was an honor to come today to be able to see another improvement to this beautiful national cemetery we’ve been out here many times,” Kern County District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer said. “It just gets more beautiful. It shows me that the community in Kern County here care about veterans and the families of veterans.”

The cemetery team said this was a big accomplishment but what is even bigger is the pride of being an American, people will feel when seeing these flags.

“On patriotic holidays or on other times when the flags are up they just instill such a sense of pride as an American and to be able to have the honor to be placed at a national cemetery,” Cindy Van Bibber the director of the Bakersfield National Cemetery said.

Taylor says an issue with the flags has been the wind.

“The winds up here become so fierce that they shred flags in no time flat,” Taylor said. “We put them up but retract them and fold the flags up and put them away because it becomes an absolute maintenance nightmare.”

The poles are collapsible, and the flags can be removed and they’ll only be put up during special events.

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