BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Wednesday marks 121 days — exactly four months — since Orson and Orrin West disappeared from their home in California City.

The Bakersfield Police Department has not reported any new developments but say they have not given up the search. The activists that have gotten involved with the search themselves continue to hope for a happy ending to this story.

Jennifer Nobles is one of the many who have put up reward money for information that leads to the missing boys, which now totals $125,000.

“I’m optimistic, because my hearts in it, and I think they’ll be found,” Nobles said. “I want to believe that, so I believe that. And I just want to keep it positive, and I hope other people will do the same.”

Anyone with information about the missing boys that might be useful to investigators, you can remain anonymous and call the Secret Witness Hotline at 661-322-4040.