GORMAN, Calif. (KGET) — Two Kern County teens were honored Tuesday for helping to rescue children from a school van that had flipped onto its side after sliding off a road last week in Gorman.

Felipe Lopez and Joshua Koehler say they were stopped on the side of the road Wednesday waiting for Lopez’s dad to help them with their car troubles when they heard a loud noise.

Koehler looked over and saw the van flipped on its side.

The teens immediately jumped into action and helped five schoolchidren ages 6 to 12, out of their seatbelts and waited for paramedics to arrive.

Cash Gomez, a 4th grader at Gorman Elementary School, said he’s grateful Lopez and Koehler were there to help them out and keep all the kids calm.

‘It was more of like a crash when we hit the ice,” he said. “We started swerving and we just immediately flipped over, and two teenagers came out of nowhere, and they opened up the door and got us out.”

“They were like our guardian angels right there.”

Thankfully, the California Highway Patrol confirmed no one in the crash was hurt.