President Biden said he is ordering one billion COVID-19 at-home rapid test kits to be mailed to every American who requests them. The White House is promising eight test kits for every American each month for free.

Biden also says insurance companies will pick up the tab, and will pay most people back for the ones you buy yourself. Roughly 180-million Americans have private insurance policies.

Sending eight kits to each person would add up to 1.4 billion kits every month. Blue Cross Blue Shield tells NBC news it’s concerned this would overburden retailers.

Experts say if insurers spend more on health care services, they will likely raise premiums for customers.

We asked: Should health insurance companies pay for at-home test kits?

“Cue increased insurance premiums.”

Facebook user Carrie Ann

“Who needs 8 tests a month? So a family of 4 is going to be sent 32 tests each month. Can we say wasteful spending?”

Facebook user Krystal Kapler

“Yes. No one wants a sick co-worker or sick kid at school, but sometimes people still go to work and school when sick. If they know they have Covid-19, hopefully they’ll stay home. It’s also good for when families want to visit elderly parents!”

Facebook user Sloan Sloan

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