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We know the images well, WWII fighter planes, bombers and even transport planes soaring thru the air captured in black and white film

What we may not know, it was women in the United States Coast Guard who helped train many of those pilots.

“The pilot went into a little airplane and I gave them problems and they would take off and land and that’s what they had to do,” said Miriam Kann.​

102-year-old Miriam Kann was a link trainer during World War II.

A link trainer, also known as a pilot trainer or a blue box, was an early version of a flight simulator.

“It turned and banked and if you went too far it would go into a spin and would go buzzzzz,” Kann said.

The Indiana native landed in California during the war, training military pilots how to fly in low or zero visibility conditions.

“I’m so proud that I could do what I had to do,” Kann said. ​

Kann is also a talented artist and during her service painted war posters, winning awards for her artwork.

“I really loved it. I enjoyed it,” Kann said. ​

She’s remarkable in every sense of the term.

“If the country calls for you to help, volunteer and do it,” Kann said. ​

Kann said after the war many pilots credited her training with saving their life.

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