Local man to make crosses for Borderline victims


Less than two weeks ago, 12 lives were lost at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks after a gunman opened fire.

This tragedy, coming shortly after the one year anniversary of the Route 91 shooting in Las Vegas that left 58 dead. 

“When I saw it that morning, again it seems like I always see things in the morning, it just hits you,” Kevin Russell, owner of American Fabrication, said. “You’re getting your day going and I saw my phone and you’re like, oh.”

When the Route 91 massacre happened, Russell knew he wanted to do something to help the families heal so he and his team got to work making crosses or plaques personalized for each victim with whatever their families wanted.

“Those people are grieving and I can’t imagine losing a child, a wife, those things,” Russell said. “Our life goes on, theirs stops, and they were just there having fun.”

Russell is opening his shop once again after another mass shooting claimed the lives of so many, making crosses for the victims of the Borderline killings. 

“There’s just been too many tragedies,” Russell said. “We only hear the bad things in the media because that’s about all there seems to be, and it makes us feel good inside. If somebody asked me off the street if I’d build them one, yeah I would.”

Russell said he would love to be able to get these crosses to the families before Christmas.

If you know anyone who would like one, contact Russell at 861-8495.

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