Local man taking care of more than 60 dogs asking for community’s help


A local man is asking for help rescuing more than 60 dogs.

“I started off being interested in, you know, rescuing them and then I got a few and then they started, they’re really good at math, they really know how to multiply so that’s where I’m at now,” Verden Shrable said.

Shrable said he loves the dogs, but can’t afford to take care of them anymore, adding he spends between $800 and $900 a month on just dog food.

“I’m hoping to find homes for these guys,” Shrable said. “And the people that are interested in them can adopt them and give them homes and a lot of love and some LPUC, that’s the first letter of each word: love, patience, understanding and compassion. That’s what they need, and good food.”

Angela Perdikis and two of her friends help rescue dogs off the streets. The three have been working with other rescues to get Shrable’s dogs help.

“We are trying to find rescues that are going to be willing to take and help with all of these dogs out here,” Perdikis said. “We have a gentleman out here who loves the animals dearly and really wants the best, just like all of us do.”

Last week Kern County Animal Services stepped in to check on the welfare of the dogs.

“There were some that were super healthy and other ones that were thin,” director of Animal Services Nick Cullen said. “But there there was nothing on the property criminal at the time that would give us any kind of lawful right to seize animals or take animals from this person.”

Cullen said they can take up to 10 dogs a week, work to get them healthy and hopefully adopted or placed with a rescue. 

They took the first group on Thursday.

“At some point, when we get down to the animals he wants to keep, we are going to assist the owner with spay and neuter so we are not in this position again in the near future,” Cullen said.

Anyone who wants to help with the rescue of these dogs contact Kern County Animal Services at 868-7100.

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