Local deli offers sandwiches to hungry


A local eatery feeds the homeless community all year through a program they call Suspended Sandwiches.

From 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, anyone homeless and in need can come to Martin’s Meats on the corner of Q and 21st Streets and be fed, like Linda Wendrick.

“I love the sandwiches,” said Wendrick. “They are a blessing.”

The idea behind the sandwiches is to provide a welcoming place for everyone.

“A little hello and a smile,” said Wendrick. “And it’s really nice to know that people care in the community and they don’t discriminate. They don’t put you down because you are in the position that you are in.”

Before anyone leaves the deli, owner Audrey Chavez hands out sanitation kits and clothes if needed.

“I believe that’s what faith in action is,” said Chavez. “I believe it doesn’t necessarily need to be a religion, it is a matter of doing good to others and recognizing their worth and I love that. I love to give someone a reason to smile. I love to give someone a reason to feel better in their day and just make that difference.”

The program started over five years ago.

Now, the family run business gives out around 60 sandwiches a day.

“We enjoy serving others in our community that need help. You never know when the tables could be turned and you might need help, you want to be there.” Chavez’s son Martin said. “They love that they’re not just overseen or overlooked or just a number you know. They appreciate the human contact, you know the hello, how are you? Have a good day, and you know meaning it.”

The sandwiches cost just $6.

“It brings people together and when we come together we learn a little bit more,” said Chavez.

Martin’s Meats is open Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 801 21st St.

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