Local 9-year-old racer hosts shoe drive


He’s racing to help. A tiny racer with a big heart.

“I got into racing because i watched a lot of racing and I love racing,” said Cameron Perryman, 9 years old.

What specifically does he love about racing?

“Going fast, winning, and making new friends,” Cameron said.

Right now he races…

“It’s called a mini dwarf, and it’s been clocked at fifty-five miles per hour,” Cameron said.

“Its very nerve wracking.  His very first race out in this car he rolled his car,” said Amanda Perryman, Cameron’s mother.

One day the second grader hopes to be…

“The new Kevin Harvick,” Cameron said.

But for now he’s happy at 55 miles per hour because at this moment he’s racing to a different finish line.

“To make the town a better place,” Cameron said.

He started racing…

“When I was six years old I got into it,” Cameron said.

Every summer since he’s used his sport as a platform to help others.

‘It’s a good cause,” Cameron said.

“It keeps a level head on him, it humbles him.  He can appreciate the opportunity’s that he has that other kids don’t have,” Amanda Perryman said.

This summer…

“I have a goal of five hundred pairs of shoes and with all the help we can make it, maybe even more,” Cameron said.


“Kids get bullied for having the wrong size shoes and just having old shoes,” Cameron said.

He’s trying to help kids of all ages.

“Kindergarten through 8th grade,” Cameron said.

That’s why every Thursday 6:30-8:30 p.m. this summer you can find Cameron at Chuy’s on Rosedale Highway collecting shoes and money.

“So we can have them done by back to school,” Cameron said.

His checkered flag for now…

“500 pairs of shoes,” Cameron said.

Other ways to contact Cameron:

Checkout Perryman Motorsports on Facebook

Email perrymanmotorsports@gmail.com

Call Amanda Perryman: 661-472-0114

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