Letter From Prison: A Mother’s Unconditional Love


It’s a Mother’s Day story that came to 17 News in a way some would consider uniquea letter mailed to 17’s Tabatha Mills, sharing the incredible bond between a mother and son

The author admitted he hasn’t been a model citizen and was far from the perfect son, but he had one thing going for himhis mother’s unconditional love.

“Dear Tabatha Mills at Channel 17 News.  My name is Justin Lewis Burch.  I’m writing on behalf of a very special and amazing lady who also happens to be my mother,” wrote Justin Lewis Burch.

Scratched onto a sheet of notebook paper, a letter about Linda Golden.

The writer was her 35-year-old son, Justin Lewis Burch.

“I’ve not been by any means the best son.  As a matter of fact I’m writing from Corcoran State Prison,” read Linda Golden as tears began to well in her eyes.  

His life spiraling out of control, one arrest after another he’s missed a lot. His mother says he has spent the last 7 birthdays behind bars due to drugs.

Justin managed to put into words his sobering realization, he is lucky to have a mother who loved him through it all.

“Everything I put this wonderful lady through with my criminal history, my substance abuse, this lady has never gave up on me,” wrote Justin Lewis Burch.

The emotional letter continued, revealing Golden has stage 3 Rheumatoid Arthritisa disease dormant in her body until the day she gave birth to her son. And as time goes on, the disease progressively gets worse.

‘Stage 5 is death. I’m slowly losing the number one love of my life,” Burch wrote.

Burch detailed the years his mother spent fighting through her pain working with Maricopa Chamber of Commerce and helping the homeless.

“She’s truly a saint and can barely walk. She serves this community and has asked nothing in return,” Burch wrote.

“If there’s any way you maybe could help honor this lady, please,” Burch wrote.

Justin, you have eloquently honored your mother. It is my privilege to share this moment with the woman who loves you unconditionally.

“You never stop caring about your children.  Make sure you tell them you love them because with drugs you never know.  They can be here today and gone tomorrow.  I love you, Justin,” Golden said.

Burch remains in the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility at Corcoran State Prison. He recently earned his high school diploma and is eligible for parole in June.

His mother says she is praying the years of drug abuse are behind him and his future is filled with time spent together.

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