Leslie Chance testifies in her husband’s murder trial


Leslie Chance, the former elementary school principal accused of killing her husband seven years ago took the witness stand in her own defense Tuesday.

Chance, 52, the woman at the center of a murder investigation that began more than six years ago got emotional on the stand.

She faces life in prison if she is found guilty of first-degree murder in the 2013 shooting death of her husband, Todd Chance.

Cameras were not allowed in court Tuesday morning, but all eyes were glued to Chance on the witness stand.

Chance seemed calm and unshaken Tuesday morning, as she answered questions from her attorney, Tony Lidgett.

Lidgett spend most of the morning showing Chance photos of family vacations in 2013, the summer before her husband was killed.

Lidgett asked if she knew about text messages and photos that were exchanged between her husband and Todd and his former fiance, Carrie Williams.

Chance said she had no idea about the texts.

Prosecutors argue Chance killed Todd after finding out he had rekindled a relationship with Williams who admitted earlier in the trial she sent him nude photos.

Prosecutor Andrea Kohler began her cross examination Tuesday afternoon by asking Chance about her first husband before Todd.

Chance testified that her ex-husband cheated on her, adding that break up later affected her relationship with Todd.

She said she “watched [Todd] like a hawk” early in their relationship.

Chance got emotional when her attorney asked her to recall the morning of August 25, 2013, the morning she got the news her husband Todd had been killed, his body found in an almond orchard.

Lidgett ended his questioning by asking Chance if she loved her husband to which she tearfully responded, “very much,” and that she still does.

Chances’ trial began Dec. 9 and is expected to wrap up next week.

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