Leslie Chance on husband’s death: ‘I was convinced they had the wrong person’


Leslie Chance, the former elementary school principal accused of killing her husband seven years ago was back on the witness stand Wednesday morning.

The prosecution ended its cross examination of Leslie Chance, and after brief testimony from two witnesses, the defense rested.

Wednesday morning began with prosecutor Andrea Kohler continuing Tuesday’s cross examination, pointing out Chance didn’t cry when she first found out her husband had been killed.

Crying was heard when an audio recording played inside the courtroom, but Kohler argued it was coming from Chance’s two daughters.

Chance repeatedly saying in her defense, “we were all upset.”

Chance said she was convinced they had the wrong person when detectives first told her Todd was dead.

Chance’s attorney, Tony Lidget asked Chance in her redirect examination, “What was your mindset like when you found out your husband had been killed?”

Chance said, “Unbelief. I truly thought they were wrong. I was convinced they had the wrong person”

Kohler asked Chance about some of the financial problems she and Todd had run into early in their marriage.

Chance admitted they had to file bankruptcy at one point, but the family became financially stable in 2013, the year Todd was killed.

In finishing her cross, Kohler asked Chance if she believed Todd’s murder had been well planned and executed to which Chance said she wouldn’t know.

Chance, faces a life term in prison if convicted of first-degree murder in the death of Todd Chance, 45. Prosecutors allege she shot him dead, dumped his body in an almond orchard and was captured on surveillance footage as she made her way home by walking and taxi.

Chance, however, has maintained she never left her house the morning of her husband’s Aug. 25, 2013, killing.

The trial is scheduled to resume at 9:15 a.m.

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