Lawsuit filed against North High School employee accused of sexual misconduct


Daniel Rodriguez and Associates filed a claim this morning against Edwin Rodriguez, the North High School staff member accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with multiple students.
“This is a specially sad case because it was 100 percent preventable,” said Daniel Rodriguez.

Edwin Rodriguez is North High’s equipment manager, who’s now on paid administrative leave during the investigation.

One of the girls being represented is 15 years old.  

“Five, six months before, her mother emailed the school to notify them that this guy is creepy,” said Daniel Rodriguez. “She said, ‘I don’t want him around my daughter.’ She was assured that they would look into it.”

Six months later, Daniel Rodriguez says the girl was sexually abused.

“The school didn’t do what they said they were going to do,” said Daniel Rodriguez.

Under Daniel Rodriguez’ representation is also a 17-year-old girl who she says was also ignored by North High administrators.

“She went to the dean of students and she went to her counselor and said this guy is sending me obscene pictures, dirty pictures on Snapchat that disappear,” said Daniel Rodriguez.

According to Daniel Rodriguez, the victim was told by administrators that they would look into it, but it wasn’t until six months later that the alleged perpetrator was placed on administrative leave.

“What took so long?” said Daniel Rodriguez. “What about mandated reporting? There is mandated reporting laws that say educators have to call CPS [Child Protective Services], 911, The Sheriff’s Department right away. 

Daniel Rodriguez’s claims include Edwin Rodriguez, the Kern High School District, North High principal; Mark Balch; dean of students; Melissa Riso and school counselor; April Anderson.

“Whenever you see these types of behavior, these type of red flags you do what’s required of you by training and by the law,” said Daniel Rodriguez. “The only way you’re going to get their attention is by filing a lawsuit.”

The district could not be reached for comment on Thursday.

On Friday, the Kern High School District said Edwin Rodriguez was placed on unpaid administrative leave.

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