The Kern County Library’s first-ever amnesty program kicked off Monday.

This week, community members can return all overdue or lost books and get your fines wiped clean, according to the library.

If you can’t make it this week, the library will host another week of forgiveness July 30 until Aug. 4.

This one-time offer does not apply to accounts already in collections, according to the library. Other exceptions may apply.

The library is also accepting donations for Kern County Animal Services and the Community Action Partnership of Kern.

Accepted Donations Include:
All Donated Items Must Be In New, Unopened Packages.
 All donated Animal Care Items will be delivered to Kern County Animal Services.
 All donated Canned Foods will be delivered to CAPK’s Food Bank Program.

 Baby Wipes
 Classic LEGO Variety Pack | example
 Clorox Wipes
 Crayons & Markers
 Color Pencils
 Coloring Books
 Craft Kits | examples 1, 2, 3, 4
 Disposable Tablecloths
 Duplo LEGO Variety Pack | example
 Glue Sticks
 Paper Plates
 Safety Scissors
 Sidewalk Chalk
 Trash Bags