BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The food, the rides, the farm animals; everything that makes the Kern County Fair special, had an even more special day.

Special Friends Day at the Kern County Fair welcomed hundreds of attendees to a calmer environment.

Lauren Weaver was an animal showcasing champion back in 1999 and wants her daughter to enjoy animals as much as she did.

“I have a special needs daughter and I think, she is sensitive to sound and a lot of noise,” said Lauren Weaver. “So I think it’s great that the Kern County Fair does this for special people day, that they can have a calming atmosphere, I think it benefits them a lot.”

The Herrera family also enjoyed Special Friends Day at the Kern County Fair. They keep this tradition every year.

“We get to come every year with my special sister and we try to make matching shirts every year. We try to have her photo, or we’ll have our shirts cut out with her picture on there,” said Melanie Herrera.

Attendees agreed it’s important to have separate spaces for people with different needs to enjoy things that everyone else does.

“Our goal, and most of the agencies’ goal is inclusion, getting people with disabilities in the community, to create awareness, and spread the joy, and creating a bigger community for everybody,” said Jeremiah Heitman, Vice President of Bakersfield ARC.