Kern County early voting returns suggest Republicans are voting in higher quantities than Democrats


24 million American voters already have cast a ballot this election. Of the 251,432 ballots issued by the Kern County Elections Division, 52,642 have been returned.

Information released from the Kern County Elections Division shows Republicans in the county have cast more early votes than Democrats. 88,111 ballots were issued to Democratic voters in the County, while 87,892 were issued to Republicans, according to the Kern County Elections Division. Even so, Republicans have outvoted Democrats in the early voting process. 

Kern county democrats have cast 16,239 early ballots, while members of the grand old party have cast more than 26,428

In the city of Bakersfield, Democratic voters were issued roughly 3,000 more early ballots than Republicans. Specifically, 42,821 ballots were sent to Democrats in the city while 39,618 to Republicans. Still, Republicans have cast nearly 4,000 more early ballots than Democrats. Republican voters have sent in 11,177 ballots while Democratic voters have sent in 7,154.

In the race for the 21st congressional district, where Democrat TJ Cox is challenging incumbent Republican Congressman David Valadao, Democrats were issued more than 36,000 ballots while Republicans were issued just over 10,000. That margin narrows as it relates to ballots cast. Democrats have returned 5,026 ballots while Republicans have returned 2,859. 

In the race for 4th district supervisor, Democrats were issued nearly twice as many early ballots as Republicans (17,034 were sent to Democratic voters and 8,321 were sent to Republican voters), yet the number of ballots cast is nearly tied (2,912 Democratic votes and 2,387 Republican votes).

But one expert noted early voting results may not be an accurate predictor.

“The returns that we’re seeing right now for Kern County fall in line with what he know about early voters. They tend to be partisan, they tend to be more Republican than Democrat,”  Cal State Bakersfield political science professor Ivy Cargile said. “This trend is not surprising, but it may not be an accurate predictor of the election outcome. however we don’t know who they’re voting for,” Republicans could vote for Democrats and visa versa.

Mail ballots will be counted only if they have been postmarked by Nov. 6
Today marks six days until election day.

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