Other Cases

Kern Corruption - Background

The fallout of these cases is widespread.

District Attorney Lisa Green laid out the impact of the scandal on scores of cases investigated by the disgraced lawmen.

The District Attorney’s office says more than 80 convictions were potentially impacted.

In 2016, Green said her office sent out 64 letters regarding cases directly involving Damacio Diaz or Patrick Mara.

Green said her office would litigate any case where a motion for a new trial or a motion to withdraw a plea is filed.

Green added two misdemeanor prostitution cases involving Diaz were dismissed.

A spokesperson for the DA’s office said she is not aware of any new hearings or sentence reversals based on the information.

Through the Public Records Act, we requested details on the criminal case reviews of Logan August and Derrick Penney.

The DA’s office sent out notifications regarding 17 convictions but declined to elaborate on if any were overturned.

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