Noel Carter

Kern Corruption - Background

Those four lawmen weren’t only working with each other, they needed a middle man to help swap all that cash and contraband.

They had one, in one of the most prominent buildings in downtown Bakersfield.

Businessman Noel Carter was indicted last September on suspicion of selling the stolen drugs.

Carter is accused of selling more than a pound of meth, right out of the Bank of America building downtown, right across from the Kern County Superior Court House.

The indictment states Carter made $216,000 by using the office he leased in the building as a drop-off point for drugs and money.

In June, additional charges were tacked on against Carter.

The new indictment says Carter also defrauded business customers who he was leasing office space to by cashing their checks into his personal bank account instead of the company’s account.

Carter has pleaded not guilty to federal drug and conspiracy charges.

If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison and 22 million dollars in fines.

He’s scheduled to appear in federal court in Fresno October 1.

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