17 News is tracking the marijuana disgraced deputies Logan August and Derrick Penney allegedly stole from the sheriff’s department. This is in addition to the marijuana they admitted to stealing as part of a federal plea agreement last year.
As we continue to go through hundreds of pages of Kern County Grand Jury transcripts, we’re learning more about where all the marijuana came from. At least 391 lbs. of processed marijuana, worth about $391,000 — taken from evidence in three grow operations.

The latest allegations begin with a hot September day in Bakersfield. Three narcotics officers, enjoying beer and barbecue, cooked up a plan to break into the sheriff’s department evidence locker.

August and Penney already admitted in the federal case to cutting the tops off marijuana plants that night. In the newly filed case, Deputy District Attorney Garrett Rice said they also took 34 lbs. of processed marijuana.

The new indictment also accuses August of stealing an additional 357 lbs. of processed marijuana from KCSO’s evidence room in March 2015. That marijuana had been confiscated from three separate drug busts he worked on in 2014: 82 lbs. from a CHP case, 184 lbs. confiscated during a U.S. Forest Service operation in Johnsondale and the remaining 91 lbs. from the September bust from which they initially stole. 
August said he destroyed the drugs, but sheriff’s officials testified, it never happened. Penney is accused of signing off on those reports.