Before announcing Sabrina Limon’s sentencing, Judge John Brownlee said it best from the bench: there really are no winners.

While Robert Limon’s family believes justice was served, the fate of children Robbie and Leanna Limon still hangs over the Limon case like a black cloud.

“Please note the two very important people involved in this case will be punished who had no input and made no choices and that’s the Limon children Robbie and Leanna. God bless them,” said Judge Brownlee.

Two children with no parents at home.

Just before sentencing Sabrina Limon, Judge Brownlee made one request of both families.

“It is absolutely imperative you come together in cooperation and work in unison to see to it that they have everything they need. Turn your anger towards each other to instead love, provide for and guide these two children,” said Judge Brownlee.

But even as court let out, shouts could be heard in the hallway.

Tensions were high for Sabrina Limon’s sister Julie Cordova, who is caring for the Limon children.

“I’m not sure what sparked the conflict in the hallway, Julie just needs to come and get together and keep it together for the kids, and keep all the family involved, cause not only does Robbie and Leanna have Sabrina’s family but they also have my brother’s family,” said Lydia Marrero, Robert Limon’s sister. 

After speaking with Sabrina Limon’s family, Sabrina’s attorney Sharon Marshall called Judge Brownlee’s words, “majestic.”

“When there is a parental situation that is amiss, the only thing that matters is the kids,” said Marshall. 

Robert Limon’s family says Sabrina Limon’s family has not yet reached out to work together with the Limon children.