John Cox, Republican candidate for governor, visits Kern County


John Cox, the Republican candidate for governor, made his rounds throughout Kern County Thursday. The visit was part of his week-long “Help is on the Way” bus tour across the state. 

Cox, who previously ran for congress twice in Illinois, began his day at Pappy’s Cafe in Bakersfield before heading for a private tour at Grimmway Farms in Arvin. Following the tour, he met with attendees at the Kern County Fair. 

“I’m a businessman tired of watching this state go down hill,” Cox said in an interview with 17’s Eytan Wallace. 

“There’s two Californias,” the 63-year-old Cox added, noting “there’s the one we used to have and the one we have now. The one we used to have had great schools, great roads, and great business opportunities. The one we have now [has] crowded, pot-hole filled roads, education that’s 45th in the country, homeless all over our streets.This is not what we bargain for.”

Cox is running against Democrat Gavin Newsom, former San Francisco mayor and current CA Lt. governor.

“My opponent is more of the same,” Cox said. “If you like this high cost and bad results in California, elect my opponent. I’m the change agent here.”

The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) reported Wednesday Newsom has raised more than $10 million, while Cox has raised less than half that ($4.6 million), including $686,000 from his own pocket.

What’s more, a new PPIC poll shows Newsom leading by 12 points (51 percent to 39 percent, with seven percent undecided) in a state where registered democrats nearly double registered republicans. 
“I think I have a good chance at winning,” Cox said with enthusiasm. The people of California know what’s going on in California,” he continued. “They know this state can be managed a whole lot better. I think the people know what’s going on and I think they’re going to vote for change on Nov. 6, and that’s the message I’m making.”

The Newsom campaign recently launched its own bus tour across the state, but did not stop in Bakersfield. 17 News reached out to the Newsom campaign for comment, but did not hear back

Cox will next head to Salinas, and will wrap up his tour Monday in his home city of San Diego

Thursday marks 40 days until Election Day.

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