Investigation into allegations of embezzlement at Grimmway Farms


The district attorney’s office is investigating allegations of embezzlement at Grimmway Farms. Investigators are going through bank records of four former employees to determine if they stole money from the carrot giant. They’re looking specifically between June 2015 and August 2016.

Court records state the employee relations manager discovered possible discrepancies while looking into a complaint over an employees management style. That investigation revealed the employee hired her son without company approval. The employee relations manager said that employee also added another family member to her insurance, which is against company policy. 
A continued investigation revealed connections between employees and allegations of previous payroll scams, overpayment and excessive overtime. 

Grimmay hired a private investigator to sort it all out. The district attorney’s office picked up the investigation from there. 
Supervisors found blank time sheets with an employees signature in one of the manager’s desks. 

Investigators said they hope the bank account information will provide a clearer picture of what happened. 

Charges have not been filed in this case. The district attorney’s office had no comment on the investigation. 

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