A crew with Inclusion Films is up and running with their first feature film shoot.

Principal Photography has already started filming for “Carol of the Bells.”

It’s a Christmas movie where a young man searches for his birth mother, then finds her and finds out she has a developmental disability.

The crew is shooting at a private residence along the Kern River, with a cast including Donna Mills from Knotts Landing, Donna Pescow from Saturday Night Fever and R.J. Mitte from Breaking Bad.

John Travolta’s brother, Joey is producing and directing the film.

He founded Inclusion Films in 2007 to teach filmmaking to people with developmental disabilities.

“The twist is instead of them using it as a lesson plan, 70% of our crew has a developmental disability and they’re being paid. So it’s a paid gig,” said Joey.

Inclusion Films says they’re proud that they’re filming 100% in Bakersfield.