How to find lost pets after Fourth of July


If you’re waking up this morning to search for your four-legged friend who might have ran away during Fourth of July celebrations, the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center offers the following tips to helping you find your pet. 

  1. First things first, time is of the essence.  Don’t delay your search or assume your pet will find it’s way home. 
  2. Check all of your local animal shelters, even those that seem too far away.  You never know how far a pet will run to escape fireworks.  You can call the shelters, but going to check in person is better as you’ll know immediately if you see your pet. 
  3. Post highly visible signs around your neighborhood.  Often, well-meaning neighbors might assume a pet has been abandoned or needs help and will take it in.  If they see a missing poster they’ll most likely give you a call. 
  4. Post photos and information on social media  Places like Craigslist, Facebook, Instagram, and the Nextdoor app have all helped pets find their way back home.  Some common lost pet groups on Facebook to keep in mind: Bakersfield Lost Pets, Lost and Found Bakersfield Pets, and Kern County Lost Animals

In the Bakersfield area, there are three shelters your pet may be this morning: 

Bakersfield SPCA on 3000 Gibson Street. 
Opens at 9:30 and closes at 4:30.  
Call 323-8353 for more information. 

City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center on 201 South Mt. Vernon Avenue.
Opens at 10:00 and closes at 4:00.
Call 832-pets or 832-7387 for more information. 

Kern County Animal Shelter on 3951 Fruitvale Avenue. 
Opens at 10:00 and closes at 4:00. 
Call 868-7100 for more information. 

Kern County shelters: 

Delano Animal Shelter 
1525 Mettler Avenue, Delano, Ca 93215
Call 720-2244 for more information. 

Taft City Animal Shelter 
1080 East Ash Street, Taft, Ca 93268
Call 763-1227 for more information. 

Shafter Animal Control 
18849 Shafter Avenue, Shafter, Ca 93263 
Call 746-2140 for more information. 

Wasco Animal Shelter
5409 7th Street, Wasco, Ca 93280
Call 758-7240 for more information. 

Lake Isabella Animal Shelter 
14891 CA 178, Lake Isabella, Ca 93240 
Call 760-378-1131 for more information. 

Tehachapi Humane Society 
21600 Golden Star, Unit #3, Tehachapi, Ca 93561 
Call 823-0699 for more information. 

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