BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – According to Latashanay Jones‘ sister, her tragic killing is a story of friendship where romantic feelings blossomed, but those feelings were not necessarily mutual.

Sparking jealousy, and anger, resulting in her tragic death.

75-year-old Martin Williams has been in custody since his arrest two days after the January 2022 shooting of Latashanay Jones.

In late October, Williams pled not guilty to charges including murder in connection with the shooting and Jones’ sister, Keishonia Pollard said the plea left her in shock.

“You can’t just kill people and say I’m not guilty, you’re guilty,” said Pollard.

It’s alleged Williams may have been jealous over Jones’ relationship with another man.

Pollard says Jones and Williams were friends, Williams had romantic feelings for her but they both were seeing other people.

“You can’t force anyone to be with you especially knowing she’s only 28 years old,” said Pollard.

According to police documents, on the day of the shooting, Williams went to Jones’ house and shot her multiple times.

She died a year later, at the beginning of this year of complications from the gunshot wounds, she was 29. But Pollard said that year was extremely difficult.

“It was a hard year, she just struggled, just wanting to see her kids, she struggled the whole year,” said Pollard.

Pollard believes Williams just couldn’t see her with anyone else, even taking her away from her children who were there when the shooting occurred.

“She could still be here, you wanted to make sure she was gone and having her kids in your face that should have gave you every reason to stop shooting her,” said Pollard.

Jones left behind five children, and Pollard takes care of two of them.

“You had your choice, and I wish he didn’t make that choice and for him to shoot her that many times, you need to go to jail for the rest of your life,” said Pollard.

The family plans to continue to fight for justice and does not believe that will be achieved until Williams is found guilty and in prison for life for murder.