BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A woman was rearrested in connection to a 2021 homicide in east Bakersfield by the Porterville Police Department on Wednesday, according to the Bakersfield Police Department.

Police officials say Cony Alvarado-Romero was arrested in connection to a homicide on Latham Street on Nov. 17, 2021.

The Kern County District Attorney’s Office requested that Alvarado-Romero be released by police to conduct further investigation.

Police obtained an arrest warrant for Alvarado-Romero on Oct. 24, 2022 for charges associated with murder, child cruelty and conspiracy, according to police.

Alvarado-Romero was arrested on Wednesday for the outstanding warrant by the Porterville Police Department. She was transferred and booked into Kern County Jail.

Avarado-Ramiro is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday.

The homicide resulted in the death of Jose Luis Hernandez Laureano, 30, of Bakersfield, according to the Kern County Coroner’s Office.