Pastor, family waiting for justice one year after deadly shooting at Delano vigil

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DELANO, Calif. (KGET) — Sunday, Jan. 31, will mark a year since the shooting that killed 21-year-old Adam Guillen, without an arrest.

Guillen and several others were attending a vigil for a man killed in car crash months earlier at County Line Road and Hiett Avenue. But someone, possibly a gang member according to police, opened fire on the group. Guillen died and four others were wounded.

Police Chief Robert Nevarez said Guillen and his friends had no gang ties, making the shooting more puzzling. Guillen was a member of World Harvest International Church in Delano. Its pastor, David Vivas, said Guillen had been like a son to him, and he and the Guillen family are still waiting for justice.

“Let me tell you, the grief doesn’t go away,” said Pastor Vivas. “A parent never stops grieving. Time doesn’t heal all wounds, all time does is help us to manage grief, but grief never goes away.”

Guillen, Vivas said, was an excellent student growing up, and a man who was always willing to learn. And, like Delano’s six other murder victims from last year, he was “too young and did not deserve to die.”

Guillen’s case, and several others from 2020 and prior, has an award of $3,000 for any information that can lead to an arrest through the Kern Secret Witness program. Pastor Vivas says he believes there are people who know the shooters involved in Delano’s murders, and he hopes someone will come forward.

“I ask them to do the right thing because we don’t want whoever’s behind these shootings to hurt anyone else,” said Vivas. “It’s not right, so I encourage them to do the right thing and pick up the phone, because if it was their child that was shot in such a manner, and life was robbed of them at such a young age, they would totally understand what myself and others are experiencing on the inside. “

You can report tips to Kern Secret Witness here or by calling 661-322-4040.

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