CALIFORNIA CITY, Calif. (KGET) – Details found in a newly filed search warrant reveal who police think shot a California City man a week ago, but even so, no arrests have been made and details were not shared with the victim’s family.

On the evening of April 6, 41-year-old Adolfo Jimenez Vega was found dead on the driveway of a California City home on Bancroft Court. Hours later Adolfo’s mother, Antonia Vega heard a knock at the door, and standing there was two California City Police Officers.

“They told me that my son was dead and that he was shot,” said Vega.

Adolfo was facing homelessness and drug addiction, he worked odd jobs here and there, his family says days before his death Adolfo had been assaulted near the home where he died and eventually ended up at the hospital with a broken arm.

On the day of his death, Vega spoke with Adolfo and opened her home so he can turn his life around, he agreed to, but never came back.

A week later, the blood spatter dried outside of the boarded-up California City home and the family still has no concrete information or answers.

“We know my brother’s past; we are not hiding that from anyone,” said Nancy Vega, Adolfo’s sister. “How can this not seem too coincidental? That he is telling us this story about someone trying to shoot him at the time and then less than 24 hours of him getting discharged from the hospital he is shot.”

Police would not confirm if this assault was related to the shooting. A detective did confirm that the District Attorney has asked to further investigate the incident.

“I started snooping, I started investigating,” said Nancy. “I started finding speculation on Facebook about a man named Adolfo that was shot and killed because he was trying to break into the home and a neighbor shot him, we weren’t even able to get that from the police.”

17 News is not identifying the neighbor who admitted to shooting Adolfo, because he is not listed in custody.

Details, even to the family, have been very limited but police said Adolfo’s family has already been in contact with the DA’s office thru a victim’s rights advocate. Aside from the initial visit to Adolfo’s mothers’ home, there has been no other communication.

“We need to know what happened,” said Nancy. “Even if you can answer us: do we need to plan an open or closed casket?”