Dead or alive? Homicide victim’s family calls for justice

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This week 17 News brought you the story of 48-year-old David Moncado Zamora, who died after a shooting this weekend in Central Bakersfield. Police are still trying to determine what led up to the shooting, and the family is frantically searching for answers. Bakersfield police officers were called to a report of a shooting shortly after 10:30 p.m. last Friday. Zamora was shot while driving through the intersection of 6th and N streets, colliding into two parked cars shortly after. Officers found the father of three in the vehicle with a gunshot wound in his forehead before authorities rushed him to the hospital. His relatives say they found out too late.

“We were notified by my cousin who was notified from the sheriff’s department that my uncle was in the hospital,” said Brittany Diaz, one of Zamora’s nieces.

First responders brought Zamora to Kern Medical, calling his brother and sister. The family says they weren’t prepared for the hospital’s response, as Zamora hung on the verge of passing away.

“Some of the first words said to them were ‘well here he is, he’s dead. The machines are keeping him alive,'” said Diaz.

Doctors told the family he would be taken off of ventilators, which came as a meteoric shock.

“I have a feeling that if nobody would have showed up today or if nobody got notified, they would have pulled the plug,” said Cassera Zamora-Felix, one of Zamora’s nieces.

The coroner announced Zamora died at 6:53 p.m. on Tuesday. However this morning, a spokesperson for Kern Medical said he’s alive and in stable condition. 17 News inquired as to whether he’s braindead and on life support, but hospital officials declined to respond. The family says Zamora’s mother learned about the tragedy while watching a newscast. In the wake of tragedy, the Zamora family is riddled with confusion and heartbreak.

“That’s our family. We want to fight for him,” said Zamora-Felix. “He deserves to be fought for, he’s a victim.”

But the family still has hope, and says they’re praying for Zamora. Bakersfield police say they’re investigating his death as a homicide, and they have no information about a motive or a killer. If you know anything about this shooting, you are urged to call Bakersfield Police at 327-7111.

“He deserves every bit of fight we’ve got,” said Diaz. “Because if this was any one of us, if the tables were turned, we know he’d be doing the exact same thing.”

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