Hells Angels and Mongols involved in deadly motorcycle gang shooting, per BPD


Police tell 17 News that 56-year-old Ricardo Viera was killed as a result of a clash between the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

Near Zingos Café outside of Boss Cocktails on Buck Owens Boulevard, a bike wash was reportedly being held Saturday afternoon. 

But exclusive 17 News video shows how things escalated.

Police say members of the Hells Angels were at an event when members of the rival Mongols Motorcycle Club arrived.

During that confrontation Ricardo Viera– who police say was affiliated with the Mongols–fired a shotgun into a crowd of people at the event.

You can hear the shotgun blast in the video.

Police say one person was hit by that shot and received minor injuries.

Then police say another person at the event pulled out a legally owned handgun, and fired several rounds at Viera.

You can hear seven shots, killing Viera.

Our photographers captured what appears to be a sawed-off shotgun next to Viera’s body after the scene.

The man who shot Viera ultimately called the police department to cooperate with the investigation.

Police say they interviewed him extensively but did not arrest him in the end, stating “it does not appear future charges are forthcoming.”

BPD is withholding the name of the shooter due to threats of retaliation. 

According to court records, Ricardo Viera was involved in another very public fight in January 2016 involving a rival motorcycle gang.

Police say a man accused of having connections to the Hells Angels got into a fight with Viera at Rosedale Highway and Calloway drive.

At the time police said the fight also involved the Mongols Motorycle gang.

Police say the investigation is still ongoing and if anyone has information about the shooting, call bpd at 327-7111.

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