Great grandma Edie turns 103 and shares her big birthday wish


The year was 1916.

Milk was 32 cents a gallon.

Gas was 12 cents a gallon.

A brand new car was $500.

That was 103 years ago, which also happens to be the year Tabatha’s great grandmother Edith Maureen Mills was born.

This year Edie wrote a gospel she sang to Tabatha.

It’s a profession of her faith, a song with a message she hopes to share with others.

“It’s about Jesus, about the Lord and how great he is. That’s the main thing. Just tell them how great God is,” Edith Mills said.

If you haven’t met Great Grandma Edie, she was born December 9, 1916 in Oark, Arkansas.

She was one of 11 and grew up working in the fields along side her mother and father.

She’d eventually move to Bakersfield where she raised five children on her own, continuing to work in the fields, on the railroad and in local hospitals, holding multiple jobs at a time to provide for her children.

She is a remarkably strong and spiritual woman who is dearly beloved by her family.

At 103, her voice is a little shakey and it’s a little harder for her to hear.

Many thnigs are beginning to fade but her faith has not.

“God carries me through and it’s wonderful what God has done for me,” Edith Mills said.

She’s started writing songs , like the one you can hear in the video to this story, to share with others.

“To let them know that Jesus loves them. Inspite of it all, he loves them,” Edith Mills said.

Her birthday wish is for country music legend Dolly Parton to hear her song, perhaps sing it once for her.

This is the chorus to her song:

Sweeping through the pearly gates and down the streets of gold
Surrounded by Jasper and stones untold.
We’ll walk around in heaven
Never more on earth to roam
Won’t it be a happy time when we all get home

I’m going to walk around in heaven and my maker I will see
Jesus built a mansion for you and you and me
I’m going to walk around in heaven
Our savior I shall see
Because Jesus paved the road for you and you and me.

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