Governor releases California budget proposal


Governor Jerry Brown announced Wednesday his final budget plan for the state. The governor’s $131.7 billion spending proposal is the largest budget in California history. 

Governor Brown said during a press conference there’s enough surplus money to make a $5 billion payment to the state’s rainy day fund.   

Brown said, “The key part of this budget is to fully fund the rainy day fund that the legislature unanimously voted for and the people of California voted for by a 70% vote.”

Some Republican assemblymembers took that as a cue to rail against the Brown administration’s priorities. Republican Assemblymember Vince Fong of Bakersfield posted a video on social media addressing the governor’s proposal. 

Fong said, “This historic surplus shows that we do not have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem. Tax payers work hard for their income and we must work just as hard to protect it and allow you to keep more of it.”
Meanwhile, a small group gathered at the courthouse to bring attention to the 28% cut to health and human services. 

Brian Russom said, “It’s kind of hard to tell somebody look, I’d like to help you, but we need to save our money for when people are worse off. Well people are worse off now.”

The governor said adding to the rainy day fund is necessary, as the next recession could be just around the corner.

“Remember it was just a few years ago that 30,000 teachers lost their jobs. They were laid off. That will happen again if this rainy day fund is not fully available for the downturn,” said Brown. 

The state budget is due before July 1.


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