“Good Samari-TOTS,” gives young kids volunteer opportunities


It’s a way for youngsters to serve their community. 

A new organization called “Good Samari-TOTS” is providing youngsters with the opportunity to volunteer.

“We’re helping seniors and making sure they’re having fun.  Entertaining them, singing songs, reading books and just like playing with them and talking with them,” said Gina Villareal, a Good Samari-Tot.

Good Samari-Tots provides children who are too young for most volunteer opportunities the chance to play an active role in their communities. 

“It was awesome because all of the people there were like really nice.  I almost cried because there was someone in World War II which made me kind of happy because you know someone serving for us,” said Franciseo Villereal, another Good Samari-Tot.

It’s a national organization Meredith Morford set out to bring here. 

“It was hard to find a place that allowed young children to be there or had a time frame that worked for the short attention span of my toddlers,” said Meredith Morford, “Our mission at Good Samari-Tots is two fold.  One, to teach kids compassion.  Two, to give them opportunities to learn about social issues through community service.”

Toddlers, teens and more are committing their time to others.

“Why wouldn’t you?  It’s like winning the gold star at school,” Franciseo Villereal said, “Helping people it’s making you a better person.”

Good Samari-Tots meets twice a month.

In February, the organization is going to spread love in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. The group will make Valentine’s Day cards for recipients of Meals on Wheels.  They also plan on making lunch for the Bakersfield Homeless Center. 

For more information click here: https://www.facebook.com/GoodSamariTotsBako/?fref=mentions

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