Going Above And Beyond


He went above and beyond his duties.

A local SoCalGas Technician and veteran took extra steps to help out a fellow veteran who is visually impaired.

It started as a repair call for Mr. James Lovejoy, but it turned into so much more.

“I had an order for Mr. Lovejoy.  His oven was not working.  After talking to him and spending some time with him I found out he was a WWII veteran,” said Gregory Torres, SoCalGas.

Striking up a friendship, Torres also found out that Mr. Lovejoy loves frozen pizza.

“So on my lunch break I went over and I brought him some items and also some pizza,” Torres said.

“They’ve always been real nice to me.  If I ever need them they’re always right here,” said Mr. James Lovejoy, 88 years old.

Torres didn’t stop there.  He also discovered Mr. Lovejoy is visually impaired.

Mr. Lovejoy has macular degeneration and cannot see small font, like the numbers on an oven knob that he would need to use to cook his favorite frozen pepperoni pizza.

Torres solved the problem.  

He found and installed a Braille labeled oven knob.  

Now Mr. Lovejoy can safely find that perfect 350 degrees for his pizza pies.  

“It shows what a good employee he is, going the extra step to help somebody like Mr. Lovejoy, going above and beyond and just exemplary service,” said Rob Duchow, Public Affairs, SoCalGas.

“It was the right thing to do,” Torres said.

Along with Braille oven knobs for the visually impaired, SoCalGas also offers Braille billing statements.

More information can be found at www.SoCalGas.com

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