Gleaners food bank gets new AC after copper theft


After a copper theft left Golden Empire Gleaners with an irreparable air conditioning unit and nearly $10,000 in damages, the food bank in North Bakersfield received a new AC.

Gleaners is almost completely volunteer-based, run on local donations. They feed up to 125 families every day. After the copper theft in early July, costs for a new AC would have set them back by half a month’s operating budget.

“Seventeen very, very hot days. It’s been kind of unbearable here in the office, but we’ve soldiered on,” said Gleaners executive director Glen Ephrom. “We didn’t have any disruption in service, and we kind of went through this ordeal as if nothing happened.”

But what happened next was really cool. California Resources Corporation stepped in to cover a new ac unit–at about $9,000. CRC wasn’t the only donor though.

“We’ve had donations from the community individuals, some small, some very quite large, and it’s all helped to get us to the point we’re at today,” Ephrom said.

Whisler Air Conditioning cut the price of the new unit, and they provided the labor with the help of Jimmy’s Crane Service. 

Gleaners even has some money left over from donations. Those will go toward preventing future thefts from happening by repairing their perimeter fence and encompassing the AC area with a steel barrier.

If you’d like to donate or volunteer, call 324-CROP or visit

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