He’s a fighter vowing not to let a brain abnormality keep him from living life.

David Waybright a senior at Independence High School is determined to stay positive.

“Baseball really saved a lot,” said David Waybright.

Waybright says he wouldn’t be where he is today with out baseball and his team.  

“This team is like a second family.  I love these guys with all my heart,” Waybright said.

Waybright has Chiari Malformation, a malformation of the skull that pushes his brain down into his spinal column.

“It was scary.  When they first called and told me what it was I had no idea and then we Googled it, which we shouldn’t do, and the prognosis of everything and what people were saying was frightening,” said Amber Waybright, David’s Mother.

The malformation often requires brain surgery to alleviate pain. It can cause brain damage and a number of serious health issues.

Most of those with Chiari never live a normal life, but Waybright is determined to.

“I’ve never been one to quit because I love life,” David Waybright said.

His secret?

“Positivity helps a lot.  Every time it would push me down I would find a way to get it back up,” Waybright said.

Waybright has been in the hospital at least once a month every month for his entire life.  Despite that, he’s graduating from high school on time with a 3.7 GPA.”It took a lot of work.  It was a long and hard journey but I love life, like I said, I love everything about it,” Waybright said.

“He’s always found a way to do whatever it is that he sets his mind to,” Amber Waybright said.

He’s batting .1000 in the game of life.

“He’ll say I have Chiari but Chiari does not have me and so he’s not going to let any of that stop him,” Amber Waybright said.

Waybright plans to go to Bakersfield College and hopes to transfer to Fresno State after to become a history teacher.