Father of four kids killed by an alleged drunk driver


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – The Garcia family is living a harsh reality.

“It’s hard to process,” said Jose Luis Huesca, Marco Antonio Garcia’s brother. “Me and his kids, we’re not doing okay.”

Four kids ripped of their father, 34-year-old Marco Antonio Garcia after he was killed by an alleged drunk driver. 

“Drinking and driving are not right, but unfortunately people still do it and these are things that happen when they do it,” said Huesca. “And this time it’s my family [that it happened to.]”

Sunday night, Garcia, his father, and his brother went out for a drink and a game of pool.

Huesca says they spent about an hour at Billar España, under the Mount Vernon overpass on  Edison Highway. Their father wasn’t feeling well, so they decided to head home he said. Huesca remembers the three left the bar and walked towards the car parked directly across the street.

“I crossed with my dad, holding my dad, thinking that he was right behind me,” said Huesca. “When we finished crossing, I kept looking around for him, but he wasn’t there.”

Huesca went back to try and find his brother but had no luck.

“When I came back, I saw police, but they were kind of far from me, so I didn’t really pay attention,” said Huesca. “I just wanted to get my brother and leave. It never crossed my mind that it was him, that they were picking up his body.”

They waited until the bar closed. Still no sign of Garcia. The two got a ride home.

“When we got home, the coroner’s office sent someone to tell us that he got run over.”

Garcia was struck and killed while crossing Edison Highway. The driver took off but 25-year-old Jonathan Lopez was arrested for DUI and felony hit and run. 

Just four months ago, another pedestrian was hit and killed in this area. And, eight months before that, a block away, a third pedestrian hit and killed. Both these crashes involved DUI drivers.

Garcia’s family says part of the problem is also the lack of lights in the area. 

A gofundme has been set up to help with Garcia’s funeral expenses.

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