Family of ten opens up on how adoption has changed their lives


November is National Adoption Awareness Month.

The Mongolds are a family of ten. David and Timi Mongold have five biological and three adopted kids – Luke, 8, Faith, 6, and Levi, 1.

“The journey started, my wife had a dream of always wanting boys, well it didn’t turn out that way,” David Mongold said.

A house dominated by girls, the Mongolds kept trying until Timi got sick.

“With Tommi Jo and JoVi, I actually had liver and kidney failure,” said Timi Mongold. “And so with JoVi that was it. The doctors said you cannot do this, you’re not going to survive another.”

The couple started researching their options to be able to continue expanding their family.

“I was against foster,” said Timi Mongold. “In my mind I felt like, oh Kern County is so small, that’s so scary. We looked into Ukraine, Russia, we even looked into surrogacy program in Pakistan and it just scared me. [David] was always open and so the Lord just kept putting people in our path of Kern Bridges.”

Kern Bridges is a local foster care agency. On average between 1,400 and 1,600 kids in Kern County are in foster care on any given day, according to the agency.

The couple met with a social worker to learn more, ultimately becoming certified foster parents. About four months later, on July 21, 2010, they received a call that would change their lives.

“We got my son Luke, that’s right, my beautiful boy and the Lord wasn’t done with us,” said Mongold.

Eighteen months later they received another call.

“We got a call that he had a 20-day-old biological sister and then we got my baby, our little girl, Faith, and then we thought we were done,” she said.

But they weren’t. Five years went by and there was a wish for another baby brother.

“One day I went to pick [Faith] up from school and the teachers were, kind of, you know, chuckling laughing and I go okay what’s funny and they said well mom Faith has put in an order for a baby brother,” Timi Mongold said.

In March of 2017, the Mongold’s found out that Luke and Faith had a 10-day-old brother, to be named Levi.

“We made the promise that no matter what we didn’t want our children to have to look for their siblings later on in life,” she said.

The couple now inspiring their own kids to get involved with foster care. Their 13-year-old daughter, JoVi, won the the title of Jr. Miss Kern County in April, making foster care her platform.

“Only one word can describe it and it’s just a beautiful thing,” said JoVi. “It’s just been life changing.”

For the family of ten, the journey has been about one thing.

“Family,” said David Mongold. “Love, that’s the main thing. Just somebody they can turn to, you know, yeah trust even mentor.”

For more information on foster care you an contact Kern Bridges at 396-2301.

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