Family mourns 13-year-old who committed suicide and spreads anti-bullying message


Don’t be fooled by the eight karate trophies in the Ullmann family living room.

“This is only about a third of them,” explained Lee Ullmann.

“There’s like 50 more,” Kathryn Ullmann added. 

Those fifty karate trophies belonged to 13-year-old Sarah Ullmann, a Rosedale Middle School student.

Sarah’s mother Sissy Ullmann described an athletic artistic loving daughter full of life.

“Children [looked] up to her, they respect her, they want to be like her. The parents of the children would walk up to her and say ‘I want my kids to be just like you,'” said Sissy.

But this past year brought challenges.

“She was being bullied by kids, not even just at her school. If she went somewhere there would be some girl who had a problem, that was threatening her and bullying her around, especially online, that was a major thing,” Kathryn told 17 News.

Kathryn says Sarah overdosed on pills this week. Her father Lee rushed to give her CPR. Paramedics took over and she was ultimately helicoptered to Los Angeles.

But she did not survive.

For Sarah’s mother Sissy, it still doesn’t seem real. 

“I can’t sleep, I don’t have [an] appetite, I just want her back,” she said.

A family in pain having lost their fighter.

“To anyone that was ever rude to her, I don’t wish anything bad upon them. I just want them to know you have to be careful with what you say, because you can say one wrong thing and it can cost somebody’s life,” said Kathryn.

“And even though she’s strong, she still can get bullied by social media and that needs to stop so that the other families don’t have to go through what we’re going through right now,” said Sissy.

“Sarah was the daughter every father would like to have, she was sensitive towards people’s feelings, mine in particular, and she was my buddy,” said Lee.

In a statement provided yesterday, Rosedale Union School District Superintendent Dr. John Mendiburu said his district responds to any reports of bullying immediately, adding the school provides regular assemblies and awareness discussions about bullying. 

Mendiburu added the district has partnered with law enforcement to have assemblies regarding social media and bullying.  

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