Family displaced by devastating house fire hoping for help


After a fire tore through a southwest Bakersfield home Wednesday, a family is now hoping for help.

The Lopez family of ten have lived in their Bakersfield home for ten years. 

The children, all safe after the fire, picked through the remains of their charred lives Thursday.

Wednesday started uneventful for the Lopez family.

“We just got up with the kids as normal, played with them for a little while. my son had friends stay the night, they had stayed up playing games, they were sleeping in,” recalled Jennypher Lucas Lopez, mother of eight. 

But as Lopez made lunch for her youngest, surveillance video from across the street showed smoke beginning to billow.

Good Samaritans pulled over and ran toward the house.

You can see the entire family–children–running outside. 

Lopez’s daughter Abby was asleep as her room filled with smoke.

“If it was just a few more minutes, she wouldn’t be there, it was bad,” said Lopez. 

Thankfully no one was injured.

And as we were interviewing Lopez, one of the regular citizens who ran toward her house to help showed up.

Lopez’s children surveyed the damage Thursday, salvaging what they could.

“They have no beds they have no shoes they have no clothes they have no school supplies,” lamented Lopez.

Lopez is doubtful insurance will cover it all.

“Now it’s finding a house and we have a large family and it’s gonna be difficult to find a house for us, and once we get there, we need everything,” said Lopez. 

Her children finding the positive in tragedy.

Two Go Fund Me’s Started by Family Friends.

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